Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Wonderful Weekend...

This weekend was CrAzY!! Friday night we went to the Zac Brown Band concert at the PCCC. It was a blast! Nic and Amanda joined us in the 4th row ...and we had a great time! Candy Colborn and Gloriana were the opening acts. Both were entertaining and enjoyed having them before ZBB. I went to the concert only knowing their one song...Chicken Fried. If you even remotely like country music, you know this song. I bought their new cd today, The Foundation. I normally don't do that ...I just download them off of LimeWire :). But I loved every single song so I thought it might be easier than downloading them and transferring them to our iTunes that is located on our iMac. I had to work bright and early at 7:15am on Saturday so it made for a rough few hours that morning. But, after work we ran to Athens to pick out our countertops for the condo. We looked at the larger sample of the one I was set on, and I HATED it! From then on, the decision was tough. Brett was getting irritated with me because I wouldn't make up my mind. We ended up taking three samples to the condo and picking from there. I think we made a good choice! After the countertop decision, we went to Madisyn's birthday party. She turned five yesterday! She is starting kindergarten this fall, I can't believe how big she is getting! The night was ended when we left the bday party...we were exhausted! We successfully got around twelve hours of sleep last night!! I love sleeping in on Sundays because they are my single and only day to sleep past about 6:30am.
This morning we went and visited Brett's grandma in the hospital. She fell and broke her hip last weekend so she has to stay a couple more weeks to receive some extended physical therapy before they send her home. After the hospital we made a pit stop at Olive Garden for some soup, salad, and breadsticks..our fav! We finished registering at Target & Bed, Bath, and Beyond! What a relief!..that crap will wear you out! We made it home in time to take Mason for a walk at Washington Park. On the way home, Mason freaked out like he had something on his mouth...and he did! I pulled out over SIX burrs stuck in the hair under his chin. I could have killed him. I have NO idea how he gets into stuff like that when Brett and I are both watching him. After getting all of the burrs off of him, we packed up some of the house. I am SOO ready to ditch this tiny house! We outgrew it about a month after we moved in! We will hopefully be closing a month from today...YAY! Happy St. Patty's day everyone and HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY Kimberly!!!!! Hope its a great one!!!!!!!

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