Thursday, February 19, 2009

Friends for Finn

Last night, Brett and I volunteered at the second fundraiser held for Finnegan Grady. Finnegan is a three year old boy from Springfield, IL. In January, he was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor located on the brainstem, therefore considered inoperable. Finn was sent to St. Jude's Hospital in Nashville where he is receiving treatments to shrink the tumor. Last night a benefit was held at Catch 22, where we raised over $17,000 JUST AT THE DOOR! I couldn't believe the turnout that we had! It was AMAZING! A total hasn't been ran on the live & silent auction items because some still hadn't been paid for but I can imagine it was a pretty large amount. Brett and I walked away with a BEAUTIFUL picture of Sportmans Park, old Busch Stadium and new Busch Stadium.

It is going to look great in our new basement...if we ever make it to the dang place! Still over two months before we will be able to move into the condo. Mom and dad are coming up this weekend to help go over the contract with our builder and decide on a price, including the upgrades we have made to it. Keep your fingers crossed that we can all agree on something..that is key!

Please pray for Finnegan!! His friends and family have made a great effort to provide the best medical care for him and made it possible to have his parents by his side the whole time! A miracle will need to happen for Finnegan to be able to walk away from this! So...lets pray for one!

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